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Preparing Your Vehicle For Shipping

With us, shipping your car is easy and fast! You simply need to decide on the date and locations you would like to ship your vehicle to and from. We can provide you price quotes from the best shippers. We even provide all the information you need in order to choose whether to use an auto transport broker or an auto transport carrier. After this part of the process, you need to prepare your car for shipping.

You must give the keys to your vehicle to the auto transport driver. This includes not only a key to the ignition, but a key to the trunk and glove box if your car requires these. The gas tank should be neither full nor empty, as it will be driven very little. A fourth of a tank would be best. Turn off any alarms on the vehicle and give the shipping company instructions on how to turn off any alarms.

Clean your vehicle before shipping, as it will be faster and easier to identify any pre-existing marks on a clean car when you do the inspection with your transport driver for insurance purposes. Also, remove anything from your car that could possibly be knocked off. For example, it would be a good idea to take off removable antennae.

Be sure to find out if your selected company has any requirements that are not specified here.