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How To Ship Your Vehicle

Avoid Being Cheated By Auto Shipping Companies

Shipping your car is often necessary for many reasons. The process is much easier and faster than driving your car to the new location yourself and also protects your car from unecessary wear and tear.

There are several things to consider when making decisions about shipping your vehicle. In most cases, it is a good idea to ship your vehicle, as it saves you money and time. Check with your insurance company about any part of your policy that applies to transporting your vehicle.

Be sure to check out price quotes for different transport services to discover what exactly the price range is and ask any and all questions that you may have for the transporters.

Make sure to clean your vehicle before it is picked up by the shipping company and take all personal items from the car. Also, take a note of all damage to the car after shipping in case you need to file an insurance claim.

Get a fair price quote today! The process for shipping your vehicle is easy and fast. It’s a wonderful alternative to buying a new vehicle or transporting it yourself.

The best way to insure that a company is legitimate is to check on them through the FMCSA. Ask for their MC number to check. However, you can also avoid being cheated with a few simple tips.

When transport companies say these things, you might want to investigate to see what’s going on.

New Business:
Not all auto shipping companies are created equal. Don’t trust your car to a transporter that doesn’t have a history of reliability!

Check this one out for yourself. Compare price quotes from several shipping companies before you make your choice. Generally, drastic price differences indicate that something else is going on. You may be forfeiting something in the quality of the auto shipping.

Fastest Delivery Times:
Be sure to get any guarantees about delivery in writing. Verbal agreements don’t mean anything. Ask to see if you’ll be able to cancel without being charged a fee if your car is not delivered or picked up in the window of time that was agreed upon.

Other things you should check to avoid being cheated include transporters’ policies on cancellation fees and what is included on their insurance policy. Find out whether or not your transporter charges cancellation fees and how you can avoid them in the case that you do need to cancel. Ask for a copy of your shipper’s insurance to fully understand what is included in their policy.