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Car Shipping Insurance

There are many reasons why having your car transported is preferable to driving it yourself. It is often easier, more inexpensive, and less stressful on both you and the car to have it transported. Be sure that you car is insured while it is transit to give yourself complete peace of mind about the car shipping process.

At, our auto shipping companies are all fully bonded, licensed, and insured. However, be sure to ask each of the companies about their insurance coverage and request their insurance certificates.

All auto shippers must have liability and cargo coverage on their insurance policies. If your vehicle is damaged in transit, their insurance will cover the damages. Ask several questions about their insurance coverage, as each company’s coverage varies. Make sure to gather multiple quotes from auto shipping companies so you can be sure that you’ll get competitive service and rates. Doing your research will only benefit you in the long run!

Your insurance may provide extra coverage for you vehicle, so check your policy to find out if this is true for you. Also, ascertain your vehicle’s coverage by contacting your personal auto insurance company.

Before your vehicle is picked up, you will perform an inspection of your vehicle with the person transporting your vehicle. The defects and mileage of your vehicle will be recorded. After this, you will give your keys to the transport driver and sign the bill of shipment. When the vehicle arrives at the destination, another inspection of your vehicle will be performed. Record any new damage that has appeared and have both you and the transport driver sign off on it. The insurance company will receive this documentation so your vehicle can be repaired.

No personal items will be covered by any type of insurance, so be sure to remove all such items from your vehicle before the auto shipper picks it up. The extra weight of these items will also add to the price of shipping your vehicle and could possibly move to cause damage to the car while it is in transit, so make absolutely sure that there are no items remaining in your vehicle.