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Auto Transport Services - Broker vs. Auto Transport Carrier

In the car shipping services industry, there are two different options when choosing car shipping services and transport companies. You can either choose to book with an auto transport broker or a car transport carrier. The broker resells your job to a trucking company in your area. The broker does not own their own trucks. They will charge you a fee for shipping your car, but will not actually be the ones to ship your car. This is left to the carrier that the job is sold to.

The carrier actually transports your car state to state between destinations. Unlike the broker, they own their own trucks and will be the ones to deliver your vehicle. When you go directly to the carrier, you are cutting out the middleman, which subsequently makes the cost for shipping your car lower.

A considerable advantage of choosing a broker is that the broker saves you the time and energy that you would have put into choosing a carrier. Brokers can post the vehicle online for carriers to choose. Alternatively, they may already have a pre-approved group of carriers. If you choose to directly contact the carriers, you will need to select the carrier you wish to use yourself. Brokers cut out the legwork that would otherwise need to be done by you. With a broker, you will also be dealing with a customer service department that is dedicated to pleasing you.

Brokers and carriers also generally differ in terms of their ability to refund your money. When you use a broker, you will pay them a deposit that is usually nonrefundable. The carrier, however, will only collect the entirety of the fee for transportation when the vehicle is delivered. This payment is taken through certified funds or cash only. Most carriers will let you cancel your order with a complete refund until the vehicle is transported.

Brokers cannot guarantee the date of your vehicle pick-up, as they are not the ones actually transporting your car. Car transport time differs from place to place, so be sure to make an informed comparison. Also, always ask the broker or carrier what their policy on delivery location is. Some carriers are unable to take your vehicle directly to you and will instead ask you to meet them in a more convenient location.